26.th  Conference: Quantum Probability
and Infinite Dimensional Analysis

joint with

"The mid-term meeting and 4.th  Plenary Conference of the EC network: QP-Applications"

 Levico Terme (Trento), Italy, 20-26 February, 2005

Centro V. Volterra, Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica (CIRM),
Istituto Trentino di Cultura
The European Union Research Training Network: "Quantum Probability with Applications to Physics, Information Theory and Biology"
The QP-IDA Association

Scientific Committee*:

Parthasarathy, K. R. (Chair),
Accardi, Luigi,
Bozejko Marek,
Fagnola, Franco,
Freudenberg, Wolfgang,
Gill, Richard,
Hida, Takeyuki,
Hudson, Robin,
Kuo, Hui-Hsiung,
Lee, Yuh-Jia,
Ohya, Masanori,
Ouerdiane, Habib,
Quezada, Roberto,
Saito, Kimiaki,
Schürmann, Michael,
Skeide, Michael,
Smolyanov, Oleg,
Sritharan S. Sivaguru,
von Waldenfels, Wilhelm.

*The Scientific Committee consists of the elected members of the Scientific Council of the QP-IDA Association.

The "26th Conference: Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis" joint with "The mid-term meeting of the EC network: QP-Applications" will take place in Levico (Trento), Italy, from February 20 (evening arrival) to February 26 (lunch departure), 2005.

The conference will be mainly devoted to presenting recent results related to the main topics mentioned in the title. In particular:
- white noise and stochastic analysis,
- non-commutative harmonic analysis,
- quantum information, quantum computer and quantum entropy,
- linear and nonlinear, classical and quantum, white noise and stochastic  calculus,
- quantum Markov semigroups,
- quantum Levy and branching processes,
- free, monotone, boolean, q-deformed and other probabilities,
- random graphs and random matrices,
- non-commutative martingales theory and applications to operator spaces,
- Hilbert modules,  product systems and dilations,
- interacting Fock spaces and orthogonal polynomials,
- quantum Markov chains and fields,
- applications to physics,
- quantum control and filtering.

As a part of the EU Research Training Network "QP-Applications" the conference is widely open to participation of young researchers, although the number of places is limited. Please, inform about it your young collaborators and encourage them to participate.

The conference will be held at Grand Hotel Bellavista in Levico Terme, 20 km far from Trento. In the heart of the great itineraries between Venice-Verona and Bolzano-Innsbruck, Trento is a Renaissance town in the Alps. Roman town and bridge between the Italian and European culture, Trento shows in its beautiful monuments (the Castle Buonconsiglio, the Duomo, the houses decorated by frescoes) the Renaissance influence, inherited by the Prince Bishops, who ruled the town for eight centuries and made of Trento the seat of the XIX Ecumenical Council during the 16th century.
The conference fee is 400,00 EUR. The fee will cover local expenses on a full-board basis (night, breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and dinner) in double accommodation (100 EUR addition for single accommodation) and the social trip.
It also includes the right to become member of the QP-IDA Association and of receiving the Journal: Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics for the year 2005.
Bus transportation will be provided from Trento railway station to the conference site on Sunday, February 20, at 20:30, and back to Trento railway station on Saturday, February 26.
A restricted number of grants for financial support of either living or (in truly exceptional cases) travel expenses are available.
Those interested to participate should send via e-mail the Application form to:

    Mr. Micheletti Augusto
    Secretary of the Conference
    Istituto Trentino di Cultura
    I-38050 Povo (Trento), Italy
    Fax 0039/0461/810629
    Phone 0039/0461/881628