International Winter School on

“Mathematical Fluid Dynamics”

Bellavista Relax Hotel, Levico Terme (Trento), Italy

December, 2012


Fototeca Trentino SPA – Foto Emil Bosco



Scientific Organizers

·         Hugo Beirão da Veiga (Pisa)

·         Paolo Secchi (Brescia)

Main Courses (click on the titles for the abstracts)

·       Claude Bardos (Paris 7)
Applications of recent results on the Euler equation (paper)

·       John D. Gibbon (Imperial College, London)
Properties of solutions of the incompressible 3D Navier-Stokes & Euler equations (Lect. 1Lect.2Lect. 3Lect. 4)

·       Gregory Seregin (Oxford)
Ancient solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations (paper)

·       Steve Shkoller (University of California at Davis)
Free-boundary problems in fluid dynamics (Lect. 1 and 2Lect. 3Lect. 4)

Confirmed Invited Speakers

·       Michele Bartuccelli (Guildford)

·       Carlo Luigi Berselli (Pisa)

·       Milton Da Costa Lopes Filho (Rio de Janeiro)

·       Eduard Feireisl (Praha)

·       Vladimir Georgiev (Pisa)

·       Zoran Grujic (Charlottesville)

·       Koji Ohkitani (Sheffield)

·       Reimund Rautmann (Paderborn)

·       Tommaso Ruggeri (Bologna)

·       Alberto Valli (Trento)

·       Zhouping Xin (Hong Kong)


Abstracts and Tentative Program

Click here to see the program and here the titles and the abstracts

Courses and Invited Talks

 The school is directed to PhD and Post-Doc students and researchers who wish to become acquainted with recent developments and promising methods in the mathematical theory of fluid dynamics. Four courses will be delivered by leading experts in the field. The courses will be organized in such a way that not experts in the field will be able to understand the directions of the research. The talks will add specific information on recent results. Each main lecturers will give a series of four lectures, each 60 minutes long. Moreover, the other invited speakers will give a half an hour talk on their research, including 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

Short Communications and Poster Session

There will be some short communications and a poster session, selected by the Scientific Organizers. Short communications are 15 minutes long, including 3 minutes for questions and discussion. The participants can use overhead projector or data projector (beamer) or blackboards, which will be available at the place. There will be a laptop connected to the beamer, running on Windows, with Power Point, ps (Ghostscript) and pdf (Adobe Acrobat) viewers, CD reader, and USB. You can also bring along your own laptop. The available board area for poster presentations is 100 cm (width) x 200 cm (height). You must provide your own printout of the title, authors and poster itself. Scotch tape and the session paper designation sign will be provided by the Conference staff. Participants interested in giving a short talk or presenting a poster are invited to fill in the registration form.


For registering in the conference please complete and submit our registration form to the Secretary of CIRM.

No registration fee will be charged.

Some grants covering the lodging for the participation in the workshop will be available. People interested in having such a support should send an application form together with a short curriculum to the Secretary of CIRM. Due to the limited number of rooms at our disposal, supported young participants are expected to share a double bedroom.


Deadline for registration: September 30, 2012.

Confirmed Participants

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 Logistic Information

The conference will be held in the conference hall of the Bellavista Relax Hotel in Levico Terme (Trento). Participants will be lodged in the same hotel. Arrival day is Sunday, December 16th  in the afternoon/evening. Lectures will start in the morning of Monday, December 17th  and end in the morning of Friday, December 21st . Departure day is Friday, December 21st  after lunch. The cost for the full board at Bellavista Relax Hotel is:

·         80,00 EUR per night in a single bedroom,

·         63,00 EUR per night per person in a double bedroom.

Please click here to find Information to reach Levico Terme and the conference site.


·         CIRM – Fondazione Bruno Kessler

·         GNAMPA-INdAM

·         PRIN 2009 “Equazioni della Dinamica dei Fluidi di Tipo Iperbolico e Leggi di Conservazione”, Prof. Paolo Secchi

·         PRIN 2009 “Metodi Matematici in Meccanica dei Fluidi”, Prof. Hugo Beirão da Veiga

·         Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Brescia