Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica (C.I.R.M.)





Villa Madruzzo, Cognola (Trento)

May 11-20, 1994




Thursday, May 12

Session chair: Andras SEBO

 9:00-10:30      Michele CONFORTI (Padova): “An introduction to clutters”

10:30-11:00     Coffee break

11:00-12:30     Jean FONLUPT (Paris): “On theorems of Lehman and Padberg


Friday, May 13

Session chair: Caterina de SIMONE

 9:00-10:30      Bruce SHEPHERD (London): “Some recent results and conjectures on clutters

10:30-11:00     Coffee break

11:00-12:30     Lex SCHRIJVER (Amsterdam): “Railroads and routing”


Saturday, May 14

Session chair: Lex SCHRIJVER

 9:00-10:15      Bruce REED (Paris): “Rooted routing”

10:15-10:30     Coffee break

10:30-11:45     Monique LAURENT (Paris): “The Max-Cut problem”

12:00-13:00     Jarek NESETRIL (Prague): “On colourings”


Sunday, May 15

Session chair: Jarek NESETRIL

 9:00-10:15      Bernard KORTE (Bonn): L1 Steiner trees

10:15-10:45     Coffee break

10:45-11:45     Bert GERARDS (Amsterdam): “Multi-flows, binary clutters and Klein’s bottle, Part I”

12:00-13:00     Andras SËBO (Grenoble): “Multi-flows, binary clutters and Klein’s bottle, Part II”


Monday, May 16

Session chair: Bert GERARDS

 9:00-10:15      Myriam PREISSMANN (Grenoble): “Introduction. Minimal imperfect graphs

10:15-10:45     Coffee break

10:45-11:45     Jean FONLUPT (Paris): “Linear algebra aspects”


Tuesday, May 17

Session chair: Bruno SIMEONE

 9:00-10:15      Chinh HOANG (Thunder Bay): “Perfectly orderable graphs

10:15-10:45     Coffee break

10:45-11:45     Bruce REED (Paris): “Perfectly contractile graphs”

12:00-13:00     Frederic MAFFRAY (Grenoble): “Kernels in perfect graphs”


Wednesday, May 18

Session chair: Andras FRANK

 9:00-10:30      Colin McDIARMID (Oxford): “Random bits and pieces

10:30-11:00     Coffee break

11:00-12:30     Graham BRIGHTWELL (London): “Large deviations and Poisson approximations”


Thursday, May 19

Session chair: Dominic WELSH

 9:00-10:15      Colin McDIARMID (Oxford): “The local lemma

10:15-10:45     Coffee break

10:45-11:15     Andras FRANK (Budapest): “Computing edge connectivity”

11:15-12:00     Tibor JORDAN (Budapest): “Connectivity augmentation”

12:15-13:00     Zoltan SZIGETI (Budapest): “A characterization of Seymour graphs


Friday, May 20

Session chair: Colin McDIARMID

 9:00-10:30      Dominic WELSH (Oxford): Matroid basics

10:30-11:00     Coffee break

11:00-12:00     Dominic WELSH (Oxford):Matroid questions”

12:10               Lunch