1)      Claude BARDOS (Université Paris VII): Classical, recent, and challenging open problems on the Euler equations of incompressible perfect fluids

2)      Sylvie BENZONI-GAVAGE (Université Lyon 1): Propagating phase boundaries and capillary fluids

3)      Alexis F. VASSEUR (University of Texas at Austin): The De Giorgi method for regularity of solutions of elliptic equations and its applications to fluid dynamics

4)      Zhouping XIN (Chinese University of Hong Kong): Mathematical theory of boundary layers and inviscid limit problems




1)      Debora AMADORI (L’Aquila): An integro-differential conservation law arising in a model of granular flow

2)      Luigi Carlo BERSELLI (Pisa): On almost periodic flow in pipes

3)      Jan BURCZAK (IMPAN Warsaw): Calculation of Hölder constant in chosen regularity theorems

4)      Davide CATANIA (Brescia): MHD-alpha models: a comparison

5)      Kyudong CHOI (Austin): Higher derivative estimates of 3D Navier-Stokes equation

6)      Gianluca CRIPPA (Parma): A uniqueness result for the continuity equation in dimension two

7)      Francesca CRISPO (Pisa): On the reduction of PDE problems in the half-space, under the slip boundary condition, to the corresponding problems in the whole space

8)      Evelina KAMINSKA (Warsaw): Qualitative analysis of semidiscretization of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations

9)      Christian KOMO (Darmstadt): Regularity of weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations in exterior domains

10)  Adam KUBICA (Warsaw): A regularity criterion for an axially symmetric solution to the Navier-Stokes equations

11)  Jasmine LINSHIZ (Rehovot): The Euler-a regularization for vortex patch and vortex sheet motion

12)  Vaclav MACHA (Praha): Generalized Stokes problem

13)  Jevgenija PAVLOVA (Lisbon): On a free boundary problem for the Navier-Stokes equations in a two-dimensional domain

14)  Tomasz PIASECKI (Warsaw): Steady compressible Navier-Stokes flow with slip boundary conditions

15)  Laura Valentina SPINOLO (CDeGiorgi Pisa): A uniqueness criterion for viscous limits of boundary Riemann problems

16)  Stefano SPIRITO (L’Aquila): Weak solutions of Navier-Stokes equations constructed by artificial compressibility method are suitable

17)  Tomás TEITELBAUM (Buenos Aires): Large scale effects on the decay of rotating helical and non-helical turbulence

18)  Paola TREBESCHI (Brescia): Regularity of weakly well posed non-characteristic boundary value problems

19)  Aneta WROBLEWSKA (Warsaw): Non-Newtonian fluids with non-standard rheology