Please send the form, preferably by e-mail, to

Augusto Micheletti, Secretary of CIRM
Istituto Trentino di Cultura
I- 38050 POVO (Trento), Italy
fax: Italy+0461 810629

Application Form for financial support

I wish to apply for a grant to attend the event "Eager 2002 Advanced School in Algebraic Geometry", taking place in Levico Terme (Trento), May 14-19, 2002.


First name



Professional status

University/ Company (with address, tel. and fax)

First university graduation


Institut of graduation

Brief curriculum vitae since graduation:

Current of projected research activities and motives for wishing to attend the Summer school

Do you or your research group hold a grant from which the participation in the event could be funded?

Have you applied for a grant for this purpose from any other body?

If yes, what result?

Scientific publications of applicant (no more than 5, your best or more recent; give title of paper, volume and page numbers, authors)

Estimated cost in ITL of travel to the event (using most economical air or second class train fare)

I declare the above truthful and sincere. I do not expect to be funded for participation in the event from other sources except as above, and that if awarded a grant by the organisers of the event, I will not cover any expenses from more than one funding source.




Comments on benefit of participation from supervisor, Department Head, etc.)




Relation with applicant