Ninth International Conference on Cooperative 
Information Systems 
(CoopIS 2001)

In Cooperation with VLDB 2001
Trento, Italy
September 5-7, 2001

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Some copies of Coopis proceedings are 
now (Jan 7, 2002) available. 
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The Cooperative Information System (CIS) paradigm has gained substantial importance in the last years: middleware and Web technologies, e-Commerce, e-Government, virtual enterprises are examples of its concrete application.

What is CoopIS ?
CoopIS is the leading conference for researchers and practioners about CIS:

  • The subject matter is the foundation and implementation of cooperation among systems.
  • The CoopIS area is a meeting of disciplines which provide concepts and techniques. The relevant disciplines include but are not limited to: collaborative work, distributed databases, distributed computing, electronic commerce, human-computer interaction, agent technologies and multi-agent systems, information retrieval, workflow systems, software architectures.
  • The CoopIS series provides a forum for well-known researchers, that are drawn from the stature and the tradition of these conference series, and has a leading role in shaping the future of the cooperative information systems area. Opportunities for informal meetings between the conference delegates will be enhanced with a series of social events, including the conference opening, the gala dinner, and a guided tour of Trento and dolomites.
CoopIS 2001 is the ninth conference in the series and the sixth conference organized by the International Foundation on Cooperative Information Systems (IFCIS). It is sponsored by the International Foundation in Cooperative Information Systems (IFCIS), and University of Trento.

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