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Wednesday September 5, 2001

Conference Opening
Carlo Batini and Fausto Giunchiglia
follows the opening 
Middleware, Platforms and Architectures I
Chair: Stefano Spaccapietra
P-Grid: A Self-organizing Access Structure for P2P Information Systems
Karl Aberer
Moving Active Functionality from Centralized to Open Distributed Heterogeneous Environments
Mariano Cilia, Christof Bornhövd and Alejandro P. Buchmann
Chair: Maurizio Lenzerini
A Process Service Model for Dynamic Enterprise Process Interconnection
Karim Baïna, Khalid Benali and Claude Godart
Employing Multiuser Interactions in the Development of Synchronous Applications
Cornelia Haber
  Service Representation, Discovery, and Composition for E-Marketplaces
Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Jian Yang and Mike P. Papazoglou
Invited Talk I
Data Integration Is Harder Than You Thought
Maurizio Lenzerini (University of Rome "La Sapienza")
follows the invited talk
Web Information Systems I
Chair: Karl Aberer 
Coordinating Web-based Systems with Documents in XMLSpaces
Robert Tolksdorf and Dirk Glaubitz
The Internet Marketplace Template: an Architecture Template for Inter-enterprise Information Systems
Mark A. Cameron, Kerry L. Taylor and David J. Abel
Multi and Federated Database Systems
Chair: Carlo Batini
Schema Design and Query Processing in a Federated Multimedia Database System
Henrike Berthold and Klaus Meyer-Wegener
Global Semantic Serializability: An Approach to Increase Concurrency in Multidatabase Systems
Angelo Brayner and Theo Härder
Thursday September 6, 2001

Invited talk II
Generic Model Management -- A Database Infrastructure for Schema Manipulation
Phil Bernstein (Microsoft Research)
Workflow Management Systems
Chair: Dimitris Karagiannis
Checking Integrity Constraints in Multidatabase Systems with Nested Transactions
Anne Doucet, Stephane Gançarski, Claudia Leòn and Marta Rukoz
On Demand Business-to-Business Integration
Liangzhao Zeng, Boualem Benatallah and Anne H.H. Ngu
Information Integration I
Chair: Avigdor Gal
Autoplex: Automated Discovery of Content for Virtual Databases
Jacob Berlin and Amihai Motro
Cooperation Strategies for Information Integration
Maurizio Panti, Luca Spalazzi and Loris Penserini
Planning and Optimizing Semantic Information Requests Using Domain Modeling and Resource Characteristics
Shuchi Patel and Amit Sheth
Recommendation and Information Seeking Systems
Chair: John Mylopoulos
Yoda: An Accurate and Scalable Web-based Recommendation System
Cyrus Shahabi, Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Yi-Shin Chen and Dennis McLeod
The Use of Machine-Generated Ontologies in Dynamic Information Seeking
Giovanni Modica, Avigdor Gal and Hasan M. Jamil
follows the previous session
Panel: Semantic Web: Rehash or Research Goldmine
Panelists: Amit Sheth (Moderator), 
                    Robert Meersman , 
                    John Mylopoulos - The Semantic Web: Rehash or Research Goldmine?
                    Dieter Fensel - The Semantic Web: A Brain for Humankind
Agent Systems I
Chair: Paolo Bouquet
Implicit Culture for Multi-agent Interaction Support
Enrico Blanzieri, Paolo Giorgini, Paolo Massa and Sabrina Recla
Extending Multi-Agent Cooperation by Overhearing
Paolo Busetta, Luciano Serafini, Dhirendra Singh and Floriano Zini
Friday September 7, 2001

Invited talk III
Distributed Component Architectures for CIS
Edward Cobb (BEA Systems)
Web Information Systems II
Chair: Witold Litwin
  Investigating the Evolution of Electronic Markets
John Debenham and Simeon Simoff
  Validating an Access Cost Model for Wide Area Applications
Vladimir Zadorozhny, Louiqa Raschid, Tao Zhan and Laura Bright
Agent Systems II
Chair: Paolo Giorgini
  Local Distributed Agent Matchmaking
Elth Ogston and StamatisVassiliadis
  Deploying Distributed State Information in Mobile Agent Systems
Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Michael Friedrich and Wolfgang Küchlin
  Cooperative Meeting Scheduling among Agents based on Multiple Negotiations
Toramatsu Shintani and Takayuki Ito
Information Integration II
Chair: Michael Brodie
  Integrating View Schemata Using an Extended Object Definition Language
Mark Roantree, Jessie B. Kennedy and Peter J. Barclay
Deriving "sub-source" Similarities from Heterogeneous, Semi-structured Information Sources
Domenico Rosaci, Giorgio Terracina and Domenico Ursino
follows the previous session
Middleware, Platforms, Architectures II
Chair: Maurizio Panti
Generic Constraints for Content-Based Publish/Subscribe
Gero Mühl
Supporting Heterogeneous Users in Collaborative Virtual Environments using AOP
Monica Pinto, Mercedes Amor, Lidia Fuentes and Jose M. Troya


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