CoopIS 2001

Accepted Papers


  • Angelo Brayner, Theo Haerder. Global Semantic Serializability: An Approach to Increase Concurrency in Multidatabase Systems.
  • Karim Baina, Khalid Benali, Claude Godart. A process service model for dynamic enterprise process interconnection. 
  • Domenico Rosaci, Giorgio Terracina, Domenico Ursino. Deriving "sub-source" similarities from heterogeneous, semi-structured information sources.
  • Jacob Berlin, Amihai Motro. Autoplex: Automated Discovery of Content for Virtual Databases.
  • Maurizio Panti, Luca Spalazzi, Loris Penserini. Cooperation Strategies for Information Integration.
  • Roantree, Kennedy, Barclay. Integrating View Schemata Using an Extended Object Definition Language 
  • Robert Tolksdorf, Dirk Glaubitz. Coordinating Web-based Systems with Documents in XMLSpaces 
  • Shuchi Patel, Amit Sheth. Planning And Optimizing Semantic Information Requests Using Domain Modeling And Resource Characteristics  
  • M. Pinto, M. Amor, L. Fuentes, J.M. Troya. Supporting Heterogeneous Users in Collaborative Virtual Environments using AOP 
  • Enrico Blanzieri, Paolo Giorgini, Paolo Massa, Sabrina Recla. Implicit Culture for Multi-agent Interaction Support 
  • M. A. Cameron, K. L. Taylor, D. J. Abel. The Internet Marketplace Template: An Architecture Template For Inter-enterprise Information Systems 
  • Elth Ogston, Stamatis Vassiliadis. Local Distributed Agent Matchmaking 
  • Liangzhao Zeng, Boualem Benatallah, Anne Ngu. On Demand Business-to-Business Integration 
  • Paolo Busetta, Luciano Serafini, Dhirendra Singh, Floriano Zini. Extending Multi-Agent Cooperation by Overhearing 
  • Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Michael Friedrich, Wolfgang Küchlin. Deploying Distributed State Information in Mobile Agent Systems
  • Vladimir Zadorozhny, Louiqa Raschid, Tao Zhan, Laura Bright. Validating a Cost Model for Wide Area Applications 
  • Cornelia Haber. Employing multiuser interactions in the development of synchronous applications 
  • M. Cilia, C. Bornhoevd, A. Buchmann. Moving Active Functionality from Centralized to Open Distributed Heterogeneous Environments 
  • Karl Aberer. P-Grid: A self-organizing access structure for P2P information systems 
  • Jihong Guan, Shuigeng Zhou, Fuling Bian. Mobile-agent Based Distributed Web GIS 
  • Toramatsu Shintani, Takayuki Ito. Cooperative Meeting Scheduling among Agents based on Multiple Negotiations
  • Gero Mühl. Generic Constraints for Content-Based Publish/Subscribe 
  • Giovanni Modica, Avigdor Gal, Hasan Jamil. The Use of Machine-Generated Ontologies in Dynamic Information Seeking 
  • Cyrus Shahabi, Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, Yi-Shin Chen, Dennis McLeod. Yoda: An Accurate and Scalable Web-based Recommendation System 
  • Vassilis Christophides, Richard Hull, Akhil Kumar. Querying and Splicing of XML Workflows 
  • Doucet, Gançarski, León, Rukoz. Checking Integrity Constraints in multidatabase systems with nested transactions 
  • Henrike Berthold, Klaus Meyer-Wegener. Schema design and query processing in a federated multimedia database system 
  • Debenham, Simoff. Investigating the Evolution of Electronic Markets 
  • Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Jian Yang M. Papazoglou. Service Representation, Discovery and Composition for E-Marketplaces 



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