International workshop on
"Quantum Physics and Geometry"

Bellavista Relax Hotel
Levico Terme (Trento, Italy)
July 4-6, 2017

Quantum information theory is at the intersection of physics, computer science and mathematics. While its potential is still in the way of herebeing developed, what we already know suggests that it may have a dramatic impact on everyday technologies. Given the completely new logic underlying a quantum computer, new mathematical and computer science tools are required to optimize its architecture and then fully exploit its computational potential.

In this workshop we plan to explore possible interdisciplinary links between quantum information and geometry and contribute to the creation of a community of researchers trying to export advanced mathematical concepts to this new applicative field. The objective is to convey to a single event leading experts from the two fields, so to explore interdisciplinary connections and contribute establishing an active and long-lasting community.

The workshop is associated to the PhD course "Quantum Information and Geometry" that will be given at Trento University by JM Landsberg (Texas A&M University, USA) during the months of June-July 2017 financed by INDAM and will cover all background material from both physics and computer science.


Scientific program:

An updated draft of program can be found here. The list of abstracts can be found here. Slides of the talks can be found here.