Today is the free software day! This is the email I got from FSF mailing list. It is a good day to subscribe to this mailing list if you did not yet, see here

This Saturday, September 19th, is the twelfth annual Software Freedom Day, an international celebration of our favorite thing: free software!

Software Freedom Day means hundreds of fun, educational events, planned by activists all over the globe using resources provided by the Digital Freedom Foundation. Here’s a map where you can find an event near you.

Have you encountered a bug in one of your favorite free software projects, or is there a feature you think might make a project even better? Let the developers know today by submitting a bug report or feature request. If you’ve never done this before, it’s easy. Just review the existing open items first to see if someone else has already taken action. Many GNU projects, from the LibreJS Web browser add-on to the GIMP image editor, make it easy for users to submit a bug report for review by developers.

As in past years, the Free Software Foundation encourages the free software community to spend this holiday introducing a friend to free software. Our User Liberation video will help explain what free software is and why it’s important. Our Email Self-Defense site is a straightforward guide to email encryption using free software, and the Free Software Directory is a great place to browse for free software for specific tasks. You can place these shareable badges on your social media account, Web site, or blog to spread the word about free software online.

If you do submit a bug for Software Freedom Day, tell us about it! Use your GNU Social,, or Twitter account (but read our critique of Twitter first) to tell us about it by tagging us @fsf. We’d love to reshare your effort with the free software community.

Of course, you can help support, celebrate, and educate others about free software year-round. The FSF celebrates its 30th anniversary in two weeks, on Saturday, October 3rd. You can find a birthday event in your region (or plan one of your own) in our party network, or RSVP to our birthday party and User Freedom Summit if you can be in Boston on October 3rd. And you can wear your free software pride with our commemorative FSF30 t-shirt, available for preorder now.

Free software is worth celebrating every day, but we hope you find a way to make Software Freedom Day 2015 extra special. Submit a bug report, teach a friend, or spend some time hacking on your own free software.

As always, happy hacking,

Georgia Young Program Manager