Prof. Hannes Werthner

a.a. 2000/2001

The course explores the importance of Internet based e-commerce and the role of information systems. The participants should be able to look at the strategic positioning of such systems, to know the mechanism for doing on-line transctions, to describe the functionality of online catalogues and e markets, to explain the economics of such applications. The course will contain theoretical explanations as well as practical cases.

Introduction to e-commerce
Internet, Protocols, TCP/IP, Internet Services, World Wide Web
Cryptography, digital sigantures
DB connections
Multilayered architectures and DB connectivity
Online Auctions
Standards - EDI, UN/EDIFACT, XML based EDI
Principles of Information systems, internal and external effetcs
Electronic market and phases of transactions (hierarchies versus markets)
Interorganisational systems
Organisational networks
Internet Marketing

Modalità díesame
The students should do little projects during the course, this will be presented and discussed (depends on the nukber of participants)

Testi Consigliati
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Shaw, Michael, Robert Blanning, Troy Strader and Andrew B. Whinston (Editors), Handbook on Electronic Commerce, Springer Verlag, 2000
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