1st  module in the first semester

A. A. 1998-99

Prof. Marco Traini


The aim of the course is to get the student familiar with the Mach's book on
the hystorical development of the mechanics (first semester) and to discuss
the transition to quantum mechanics emphasizing its classical roots (second


The development of the statics:
the lever, the inclined plane, composition of the forces, the virtual work principle.

The development of the dynamics:
the progress due to Galileo and Newton, the concepts of mass, force, space time and movement,
a critical view of the Newton's enunciates.

Further applications of the mechanical principles:
the conservation laws, the scattering laws, te fundamental theorems of the
analytical mechanics.

Reference texts:

 E. MACH,  The Science of Mechanics,  The Open Court Publishing Co..

M. TRAINI,  notes.


oral exam on the contents of the lectures.