2nd  module in the second semester

A. A. 1998-99 

Prof. Marco Traini


The aim of the course is to get the student familiar with the Mach's book on
the hystorical development of the mechanics (first semester) and to discuss
the transition to quantum mechanics emphasizing its classical roots (second


Corpuscolar motion and wave propagation:
minimal action principle, wave propagation and the theory of canonical transformations in mechanics, wave
group motion.

The quantum of action and the stability of matter:
indetermination principle anf the De Broglie relations, Schrödinger equation, the quantization
and the stability of atoms.

Introduction to quantum mechanics:
matrices and the Heisenberg formulation of the equation of motion,
wavefunctions and their interpretation.

Reference texts:

B. FERRETTI, Le radici classiche della meccanica quantica ,
Boringhieri (1980).

M. TRAINI,  notes.


oral exam on the contents of the lectures.