Dott. Ines Mancini - Dott. Michele D'Ambrosio

A.A. 1998/99


Isolation of chemical compounds in pure form. Laws of chemical combination among elements. Gaseous state. Atomic structure. Periodic table. Chemical bond. Valence and oxidation number. Symmetry of molecules. Concepts of chemical thermodynamics. Solid and liquid states. Changes of state. Solution of non-electrolytes and electrolytes. Chemical equilibrium, including ionic equilibria, hydrolysis, buffer solutions and heterogeneous equilibria. Chemical kinetics. Electrochemistry. Behavior of the principal elements and their compounds.

Laboratory session

Establishing Clausius-Clapeyron law.
Determination of latent heat of evaporation for a pure liquid. Evaluation of the equilibrium constant for a weak acid from pH metric measurements.
Spectrophotometric techniques.: Lambert-Beer law.
Evaluation of the concentration in solution from conductivity measurements.
Experimentation of electrochemistry.


R.E. Dickerson, H.B. Gray "Principi di Chimica", ed. Grasso
A. Sacco, "Fondamenti di chimica", Ambrosiana, Milano 1995 or equivalent text.
Lecture notes