Prof. Alberto Tognoli

A. A. 1998/99


 The main topics of the course are linear algebra and some of its applications in the study of conics and quadrics.

 The projective space will be introduced. So we can study the projective classification of conics and quadrics.

- Matrix and linear systems
- Vectorial spaces
- Scalar products
- Coordinates in the line and in the plane
- Elementary problems of plane analytic geometry
- Geometric properties of the second order curves
- Some elementary problems of space analytic geometry
- Linear operations on vectors
- Scalar products of vectors
- Vectorial and mixed products of vectors
- Second order surfaces
- Elements of theory of determinants


ACCASCINA, VILLANI, Algebra lineare, E.T.S. Pisa
N. V. EFIMOV, Elementi di geometria analitica, Editori Riuniti