1st module

1st semester

Dott. Luigi Gratton

A.A. 1998/99


 The course essentially concerns on the critical actuation of experiments and on practical activities that are significant in teaching Physics. In both sections the following themes will be emphasized:

- Accidental and systematic errors of measurements; uncertainty calculation in indirect measurements.
- Didactic discussions on possible proposals of presented experiments in the upper high-school.
- Innate ideas of students on various fields of Physics.
- Didactic effectiveness of practical activities.
- Various audiovisual supports on the most relevant subjects in Physics teaching will be shown.

 Matter properties and termology:

- Geometrical quantity measurements (lenghts, areas, volumes) by direct and indirect methods. Trigonometric methods.
- Stretching of a spring and of an elastic. Various kinds of forces in nature. Frictional forces and viscous forces.
- Density of solids, liquids and gases. The Archimedes’ principle and floating. Surface tension. Capillarity. The atmospheric pressure.
- Calibration of a mercury thermometer and of an NTC. Effects of heating on bodies. The time that a thermometer takes to reach thermal equilibrium. Various kinds of thermometers. Phase changes of water and other substances. The fusion of wax. The evaporation of a liquid and vapor pressure.
- States of matter. Crystals observed with a microscope. The Brownian motion observed with a microscope. Boile’s law of an ideal gas. The kinetic theory of gases.
- The specific heat of substances and the heat capacity of bodies. Latent heat of transformation. The calorimeter and the measurement of the fusion heat of a substance (ice).
- The measurement of the solar constant and greenhouse effect.


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