Hi everyone! I am a Post-doctoral researcher on distributed algorithms at DISI, University of Trento

You can find me in room 140 of Povo2.
Research interests

I worked on the Autonomic Security project, a 2-year project financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) under the PRIN 2008 programme. I have developed a decentralized clustering algorithm to detect group of nodes in the network that share similar patterns and may be part of a botnet. My master's thesis was the first step in this direction.

My interests lie in decentralized and distributed algorithms in general:

  • How can we analize graphs in a distributed system? Graph datasets are becoming bigger and bigger, we are forced to use distributed algorithms if we want to obtain quick answers to our queries. I want to develop new algorithms and look at how it is better to divide the graphs between the collaborating processes.
  • How expressive and efficient are the new abstraction that have been developed to help the design of distributed algorithms? I want to work with framework like MapReduce, Pregel, BSP and see which abstraction are best suited for which type of tasks.
  • How can we cope with continuosly arriving data? I am interested in adapting old algorithm or develop new techniques in an online or streaming distributed setting.

  • 2000-05: High School at Liceo Da Vinci
  • 2005-08: Bachelor in Computer Science at University of Trento
  • 2008-10: Dual Master Degree in Computer Science at University of Trento and at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jan 2011-Oct 2011: Scholarship on Autonomic Security
  • Nov 2011-Dec 2015: PhD student
  • Jan 2016-Current: Postdoctoral researcher at DISI