Trentino Lakes

The lakes are one of the most important realities in the landscape of Trentino. There are 297 of them covering a total area of 35 square kilometres out of the 6212 of the provincial territory. Their altimetric distribution is interesting. In the valley areas there ara the largest lakes, from the 65 metres of lago di Garda up to 1200 metres: 40 lakes in a lacustrian area of 32 million square metres. There are no lakes between 1200 and 1500 metres. Above this height, instead and up to a maximum altitude of 3200 metres, there are 257 Trentino lakes, with a modest total area of 3 million square metres. This is due to the origin of Trentino lakes. Nearly all of them were created by glacial excavation, Pleistocene at low altitudes, historical or current at higher altitudes. The morfology of the high altitude lakes is typically "cirque" alpine: a fairly regular shape tending to be circular. They last for a predictable lenght of time as they are supplied with light, calm surface water free of any solid content. This is why they are so transparent.

Garda Lake (Sunset) Garda Lake Santa Giustina lake Tovel lake Santa Maria lake Levico lake Caldonazzo lake Caldonazzo lake S.Pellegrino lake Ritorto Lake Cei lake Cavedine lake Caldonazzo lake Buse lake Molveno lake Molveno lake(1) Lavarone lake Colbricon lake Garzone lake Mountain Lake Garda lake (fireworks)