Typical products

Nine Hundred thousand hectolitres of wine, a highly valuable product and the fruit of the labour of experts who are among the most widely experienced in the field of winemaking, ensure that wine retains a position at the forefront of the Trentino economy. This is especially the case with regard to the white wines, the famed Riesling, Muller, Thurgau and Chardonnay and the sparkling wines, produced following the classic Champagne methods, which have their own protective producers'association. However there are also many examples of highly regarded red wines, from Teroldego to Marzemino, and it is worth pointing out the successful attempts to introduce Bordeaux grapes into the local soil, learning from the French experience. Another local tradition is the production of grappa, which popular culture has even instilled with therapeutic values. From time immemorial miracle healing powers have also been attributed to apple, that other symbol of Trentino agricolture. Three undred million kilos of apples, Renette Stark, Golden Delicious and many other types in the infinite variety which have been cultivated over the centuries in the Trentino orchards, and especially in Val di Non, are consumed every year throughout Europe, making this province one of the world's larges producers. But the soil in Trentino has many other things to offer too: typical mountain vegetables, wild berries from the woods, mushrooms and even the unexpected truffle, of the black variety. Highly prized extra vergine olive oil is produced in limited quantities from the olives of lake Garda, which are painstakingly picked by hand. Chees productions should not be forgotten either. Distinguished cheeses such as Grana Trentino, Asiago, Spressa and Nostrani, appealing to all tastes as well as fresh Ricotta cheeses, are still being made to a large extent by means of the traditional artisan techiques. Trentino honey is also appreciated for its aromatic and characteristic taste. The plentyful fresh water of the streams is an ideal environment for high standard trout farms.

The cuisine of Trentino

The cuisine of Trentino consists of simple foods that are rich in taste and smell. It is somewhat similar to the Venetian and Lombard cuisine but also includes various Alto-Adige and German specialities. The variety of flavours gives the dishes an unmistakeable styles that is unforgettable for its originality balanced combination and variously mixed ingredients. Among the many culinary specialities, there is barley soup, trentino canederli (dumplings), taiadele (tagliatelle) smalzade, strangolapreti (spinach dumplings), trentino trout, luganega (sousage) with polenta and mushrooms, tonco de pontesel (meat steaw), sguazzet (offal stew), rabbit with brown polenta, game, smacafam (sousage pudding), strudel, Simona cake.