Altopiano della Paganella    

Molveno, Andalo and Fai are the main centres of the tourist district gravitating around Paganella, the mountain overlooking Trento, Valle dell'Adige and the Brenta Dolomites. Naturally linked to the Non and Giudicarie valleys, the highland has a flourishing agricolture and craft activity besides traditions, uses and customs. Molveno is a tourist resort discovered in the last century by mountaineers going to the Brenta crags. It grew thanks to its enchanting lake in wich the mountains are reflected. Here, one of the most beautiful free beaches in the whole of Trentino has made and equipped with facilities. The environment changes radically in Andalo and Fai, villages clinging to the Paganella slopes, known for their genuine, warm and cordial hospitalitythe expression of a mountain farmer's culture that still survives in part. Proof of this can be found at the table when you ask for 'tortel de patate' (potato pancake) and a glass of good wine, better if in company. In this area and in other villages along the road to Valle di Non, Cavedagoand Spormaggiore, it is still possible to purchase fresh cheese at the dairy and meet farmers returning with cartload of hay after a day spent mowing in the green fields. The natural beauties and environment is summed up in the life of the fieldsA holiday up here is one of relaxation (even though anyone who wants an active one will find plenty to do in the sports citadel on the outskirts of Andalo). Not far from the villages you can enjoy a captivating view of Valle dell'Adige or the Brenta Dolomites, the deep blue water of Lake Molveno or the green expanses of Banale and Lomaso towards Val Giudicarie.