Piana Rotaliana  

Going north from Trento, a wide plain lined with gently sloping vineyards comes in sight. This is the Piana Rotaliana, defined by oenologist as the most beautyful garden of vines in Europe. The area lies at the mouth of Valle di Non between the villages of Mezzolombardo, Mezzacorona and San Michele all'Adige where most of the Trentino DOC wines are produced, the most renowned beig Teroldego Rotaliano. The tradition, welfare and typicalness of this area lies in the cultivation of vines. The grape growers have been working for years towards an exclusively high quality production and they look after the thousands of rows of Trentino trellised vines with professional and dedicated ability, waiting year after year for the ancient farming ritual of grape harvesting and wine making. The cooperatives and winers use millions of kilos of green and black grapes producing a valuable distribution of wines, grappas and spumantes, the best messengers and symbols of Trentino. The luxuriant Piana Rotaliana, formed by the millenial flow of glaciers that created Valle dell'Adige, owes its oenological fortune to the features of the soil, mainly morainal, from which the wines draw their special sap of life. On the edge of this huge district, that becomes an impressive garden in spring, lies the experimental Agricultural Institute in the village of San Michele all'Adige. This institute is a university of oenology in wich advenced cultivation techniques are experimented and perfected providing an indispensable support in the constant search for quality. not far from this university of oenology, in an ancient Augustian convent, the Museum of Uses and Customs of the Trentino People proposes an interesting tour among objects, tools and records of traditions and life that are disappearing.