Valsugana -

Looking at the brownish red colour of the porphyritic rocks one realises atD> once that the Lagorai chain originated from the upheavals and volcanic eruptions of millions of years ago. Today the mountains are the kindom of the Great Silence, a paradise for trekking enthusiast in search of open spaces and tranquillity and an invigorating full immersion in nature. A green highland of gentle profiles, dotted with small villages in which life runs smoothly keeping in step with the seasons, along the old road between Trento and Feltre. This is Tesino and the southernmost end of the Valsugana. Here the welcome is straighforward and sincere. Your holiday will be influenced by the landscape which induces you to relax and contemplate. Those who wish can cross the meadows and fields and, within just a few kilometres, reach the great Lagorai and Cima d'Asta mountains where the front line between Italy and Austria ran during the First World War. The trenches, huts, caves and communication tenches remaining from that time are a further point of interest. The wild steep slopes of these mountains, rich in water, flora and fauna, alternate with other gentler and more accessible ones on which flocks os sheep graze up to over two thousand metres. Rarely visited because of the lack of supporting facilities, such as modern alpine refuges, the Lagorai chain, dotted with large and small alpine cowsheds in its endless valleys and dells, and the nearby Cima d'Asta are ideal for people fond of hiking in huge wilderness. The paths running along the sides of the mountains afford easy walks as do the ridges. Many tracks follow the routes trodden by Mesolithic hunters, of whom various signs have been found, or in more recent times by shepherds and "clomeri", the hawkers who went from valley to valley. Besides your travelling companions, deer and mountain goats, the royal eagle and marmots will keep you company in the great and almost sacred enveloping silence.