Primiero - Vanoi
San Martino di Castrozza, at the foot of the mytical Pale peaks, and Primiero, on the eastern edge of Trentino, are a gateway to the Veneto region with which they have been in contact for centuries, as may be found in the mentality and language, besides the uses and customs. Primiero lies in a largehollows os meadows, surrounded by mountains and the Dolomites, clustered with villages of ancient history and traditions, crossed by wayfarers and merchants heading for the strategic Rolle Pass, into Valle di Fiemme since ancient times. In the nineteenth century sovereigns, mountaineers and explorers were drawn here, attracted by the Pale peaks. San Martino di Castrozza soon become a renowned tourist resort lying "in the most superb amphitheatre of the Dolomite Alps" as Cesare Battisti wrote. Valleys, peaks, meadows and endless forest with their wild beauty are almost all inside the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park, a natural oasis where flora and fauna enjoy the greatest possible protection. The gentle nature of the Primiero and Val Canali meadow lands, another corner of rare beauty dear to Dino Buzzati, is interrupted by the immense rock bastions and spurs of the Pale and its most famous peaks, Sass Maor, velo della Madonna, Cimon della Pala. A thousand jagged mountain pinnacles and peaks, with seemingly endless forest at their feet, magnificent altogether and even magical when, in the evening, with the "enrosadira", they turn a fiery red as the sun sinks on the orizon. The Venetians of the seafaring Serenissima Republic come to these woods to choose the best trunks to use in the construction of their ships destined to sail the seas throughout the world. In 1700, the violin-maker Stradivari used to go into the so-called Forest of Violins, not far from Paneveggio, to choose the spruce that would give his violins the finest tone. Talking of illustrious personalities, one should not forget Luigi Negrelli, a native of Primiero and the engineer and inventor of the Suez Canal, who designed the road and railway network across the whole of the Alps.