Scientific interests

Generally speaking I may say that my interests concern Modern Mathematical Physics. In particular I deal with several mathematical and physical aspects of Quantum Theories and their Mathematical Formulation including Algebraic and Axiomatic Theories of Relativistic Quantized Fields. Here is a list of topics I have treated. I authored a book on the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics (with an introduction to the algebraic formulation of quantum theories) published by Springer-Verlag (see  here). In the past, I gave several contributions to the theory of analytical (one-loop) renormalization procedure (heat-kernel and zeta spectral function applications in QFT): look at this book I wrote in collaboration, published by World Scientific. More recently I wrote with I.Khavkine a long review about general aspects of QFT in curved spacetime which appears a chapter of a book.
Here is another book
by Springer-Verlag about QFT in curved spacetime in collaboration with C.Dappiaggi and N.Pinamonti. Another more recent book I authored still concerning mathematical foundations of Quantum Theories and some general issues like Bell inequality and similar is here. This book reflects my recent lecuires on the subjectin a Master course  at the University of Trento.
I participate in the
international forum LQP Crossroads

From a mathematical point of view, this means that I am intersted in several applications of  functional analysis  (especially topics in the theory of operator algebras and C* algebras), global analysis (i.e. functional analysis on Riemannian and Lorentzian manifolds, using the intrinsic geometrical structure), microlocal analysis, differential geometry


My publication list  could help you focus on my research activity.

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