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How to reach Levico Terme:

Levico Terme is located about 20 km. from Trento, along the Valsugana road (Strada Statale SS n. 47) that connects Trento to Padova and Venice.

From Trento Railway Station to Levico Terme:
You can reach Levico Terme by train, by bus or by taxi.
If you take the train, the journey takes about 40 minutes.
If you choose the bus, the coach station is at about 50 meters on the right side from Trento railway station. On request, the driver will set your luggage in the boot. The journey takes about one hour.

On the evening of August 30, we will organize a shuttle bus departing from Trento Railway station at 8.30 pm. If you want to catch the shuttle, please contact Augusto Micheletti.

By plane: The main nearest airport is in Verona (90 km.). Other close airports are in Milan (213 km.), Venice (153 km.), Bergamo (180 km.) and Munich (330 km.). The smaller airports of Brescia (135 km.) and Treviso (140 km.) are serviced by low costs airlines.

From Verona Airport to Trento Railway Station: Verona is only one hour from Trento, with a convenient bus and train service. To reach the train station, take a bus at the airport (about one every 20 minutes running from 6:35 am to 11:35 pm): you will reach Verona Porta Nuova Railway Station in 15 minutes. The train trip is about one hour long. You need to get off at the station named "Trento".

From Venice Airport or Treviso Airport to Levico Terme: there is a bus service both from Venice Airport and from Treviso Airport to the railway station in Mestre and trains from there to Levico Terme via the Valsugana line. The journey lasts about 2-3 hours; the last train leaves around 8 pm (the summer timetable is not yet available) and arrives around 10.30 pm. Alternatively you can travel via Verona and Trento. For further information on travelling by train see the website www.trenitalia.com

From Milan: Entering Italy through Milan, you land either at Malpensa or at Linate Airport. From either airports, you can catch a bus or a taxi to reach Milan Central Railway Station: you find both at the airport exit. Buses leave every 20' or so. Trains from Milan to Trento are relatively frequent and take about 3 hours.