Dipartimento di Fisica

Universita’ di Trento

via Sommarive, 14

I-38123, Trento Italy

Francesco Pederiva

PHONE: +39-0461-282089

FAX: +39-0461-281696

E-MAIL: pederiva@science.unitn.it

I am an Associate Professor in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics at the University of Trento, in the Northern Italian Alps. I am also the co-director of LISC, the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Computational Science, a joint venture between the University of Trento and the Bruno Kessler Foundation.
My scientific interests are mostly focused on the development and applications of Quantum Monte Carlo methods.
I have been working for several years in collaboration with M.H. Kalos on the search of an efficient and exact (i.e. no fixed-node and/or other approximations...) Diffusion Monte Carlo algorithm for  many-Fermion systems
In the meantime I have been producing some papers in low-temperature physics (liquid and solid Helium and Hydrogen), and semiconductor nanostructures physics (quantum dots, quantum rings, and quantum wires). Recently my attention has turn to many nucleon-systems, with the application of the Auxiliary-Field QMC to the computation of the equation of state of neutron and nuclear matter (for astrophysical purposes, of course...), and trying to match Effective Field Theory with Quantum Monte Carlo.

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