First Inter-Galactic Workshop on Tropos

November 15-16, 2001
Trento - Italy

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Tropos is a project launched almost two years ago at the University of Toronto. The objective of the project is to define an agent-oriented software development methodology which is founded on concepts used to model early requirements. The concepts that have been adopted are based on Eric Yu's i* modeling framework, including the notions of actor, goal and (actor) dependency. These are uses to model early and late requirements, architectural and detailed design. The methodology complements proposals for agent-oriented programming platforms. The project currently involves at various levels of commitment more than twenty researchers from different universities and research institutes. 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on Tropos and i*, so that they can present their current work and discuss short- and long-term research objectives. The workshop is also intended as an opportunity to establish and/or further collaborations among participating researchers. Possible topics to be discussed at the workshop include (but not limited to):

- Agent-oriented software methodologies;
- Organization theory and architectural design for actor diagrams;
- The Formal Tropos language, syntax and semantics;
- Simulation and goal analysis for Tropos specifications;
- UML and i*;
- Coordination theory and analysis;
- Social analysis of actor diagrams;
- Applications;
- Trust in multi-agent systems;

We plan 1-hour sessions for the two days, each including a =30-minute talk and a 30-minute discussion, (invited people)

Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by workshop participants.  If you need hotel arrangements, please contact Carola Dori ( or visit the web site

For further information please contact 

Paolo Giorgini (
Workshop Chair. 

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