PHD School on Boolean functions and their applications to cryptography

Dates: 19th - 30th of March 2012

Course Location:

Seminar Room, Department of Mathematics,

Univ. of Trento, Italy.

Lecturer: Prof. Massimiliano Sala


Boolean functions are essential for the security of many cryptographic primitives, including block ciphers and stream ciphers. Their main contribution to the security of these primitives lies in their non-linearity. In this course we will review the nonlinearity properties of Boolean functions, including those of bijective Boolean functions. There are many competing notions of nonlinearity in the Boolean case and we will discuss and compare the most significant. But we will also highlight the different role played by the Boolean functions in different cryptographic contexts, including indistinguishability. We will be especially interested in their contribution to provable security, with respect to standard attack scenarios, such as known-plaintext key-recovery, chosen-plaintext global-reconstruction, etc..

Fees and registration

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