Bitcoin, Blockchain and their new Frontiers in Trento

The course BanFinTrento2017 consists of three distinct days, each with its own enrollment procedure.

Dates: 8 May 2017 -- 22 May 2017 -- 29 May 2017

Location: Department of Mathematics, Univ. of Trento, Trento (ITALY).

Language: Italian.

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. PHD M. Sala (Trento).

Lecturer: Dr. PHD Michela Ceria

After the success of last year's editions, Trento, Trento, Roma, Milano, not to mention the 2017 workshop Blockchain and Innovative Applications, we have organized new courses, both introductory and advanced.

Abstract (English)

This course is oriented to a wide audience of professionals, operating both in private companies and in the public sector, in particular in ICT, not only with an IT or engineering background.

The course is divided into three days, Day A, Day B, Day C, each designed as to be followed independently

Abstract (Italian)

Il corso è rivolto ad un'ampia platea di figure professionali operanti sia in aziende private che nella PA, specialmente nel settore ICT, non solo aventi formazione tecnica, informatica o ingegneristica.

Il corso è diviso in tre giornate, Day A, Day B, Day C, ciascuna delle quali è designata in modo da poter essere seguita indipendentemente dalle altre due.

Course Flyer

Course Programme

Deadline for applying: 28 April 2017.

For any information and special fees, please contact Ms. Francesca Stanca (
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