BoAB: Bitcoin and other Applications of Blockchain

Dates (online part): 28 August -- 30 November 2017
MOOC starting date : 8 August 2016 (running now!)

Main Lecturer: Prof. PHD M. Sala (Trento).
Assistant Lecturer: Dr. PHD Michela Ceria.
Language: English.

With BoAB, you will:


This course is oriented to a wide audience of professionals, operating both in private companies and in the public sector.
Our audience will probably work in ICT and banking sector, but not necessarily with an IT or engineering background.

The course follows a four-step path:

The course can be followed in two modalities:

Course Flyer!

Course programme

Detailed course programme

Fees and participants:

For any information and special fees, please contact Ms. Francesca Stanca (

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