Workshop on Groebner bases and Geometric codes

Date: 10 June 2009 14.30-18.30

Location: Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Trento, Italy.

Organizer: M. Sala (Trento, Italy).

This workshop is an event within the School.


Teo Mora 14.30-15.00, ---> A Groebner-free approach to the key equation and to Moeller's algorithm slides!

Olav Geil 15.00-15.30, ---> On field size and success probability in network coding slides!

Adnen Sboui 15.30-16.00, ---> Hierarchy on the number of zeros of polynomials in F_q[X]_{d}^{h} slides!

Coffee Break 16.00-16.30,

Christian Spagnol 16.30-17.00, ---> On quasi-cyclic LDPC codes slides!

Massimiliano Sala 17.00-17.30, ---> Optimal binary codes with 4 codewords are linear

Stefania Fanali 17.30-18.00 ---> Algebraic Geometric codes from certain maximal curves slides!

Daniele Bartoli 18.00-18.30 ---> New quantum caps in PG(4,4) slides!

Fabrizio Caruso 18.30-19.00 ---> On the weight distribution of some n-th root codes slides!