Workshop on block ciphers and their security

Date: 4 December 2009 (9.00-12.00)


Aula 20 (Room 20), Department of Mathematics,

Univ. of Trento, Italy.

Organizer: M. Sala (Trento, Italy)


Massimiliano Sala 09.00-09.30, ---> On translation-based cryptosystems and their security Sala's slides

Andrea Caranti 09.30-10.00, ---> On translation-based cryptosystems and the alternating group Caranti's slides

Anna Rimoldi 10.00-10.45, ---> A related-key distinguishing attack on the full AES128 an abstract of Rimoldi's slides

Coffee Break 10.45-11.15,

Ludovic Perret 11.15-12.00, ---> Computer Algebra and Cryptography Perret's slides

Social lunch Agritur Ponte Alto, 12.30-14.30,



People wishing to take part in the social lunch (or looking for cheap convenient accomodation) please contact Ms. Anna Rimoldi (