Graphs and Algorithms

October 21st-27th, 2007

Levico Terme, Trento, Italy

Levico Lake, Autumnal View - Fototeca Trentino S.p.A. – foto di Flavio Faganello



The school offers six minicourses (4 lectures each) on state-of-the art topics on graphs and algorithms and related subjects.

The minicourses are given by:

- Maria Chudnowsky (Columbia University): “Forbidding induced subgraphs”,

- Jim Geelen (University of Waterloo): Graph minors: Structure       and algorithms”,

- Michel Goemans (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Uncrossing sets in combinatorial optimization”,

- Bertrand Guenin (University of Waterloo): “Flows in graphs and matroids”, [Less. 1, Less. 2, Less. 3, Less. 4]

- Satoru Iwata (University of Kyoto): Submodular functions”, [Less. 1, Less. 2, Less. 3, Less. 4]

- Bill Jackson (University of London): Rigidity of graphs”.


Institutional lectures will be given by Carsten Thomassen (Technical University of Denmark) [Lect. 1, Lect. 2] and Wolfgang Mader (University of Hannover).



The previous ADONET-CIRM meetings held in Trento were:

-       “1st DO-NET Workshop on Discrete Optimization”, May 11-20, 1994 (Program), [Photo];

-       “The 2000 CIRM-DONET Workshop on Graph Theory”, May 7-12, 2000 (Program), [Photo].