NEMATIC is a research project funded by the Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'UniversitÓ e della Ricerca within the Futuro in Ricerca research program.

NEMATIC aims at developing a totally new analytical platform able to study the effects of proteins on nucleic acid structure and topology. Such analysis will be performed investigating electrically driven translocation events of DNA molecules through nanopore-based microarrays.
The porous blackboard developed by NEMATIC will constitute an important step towards the realization of analytical systems able to:
- detect biological molecules on the basis of biochemical and steric interactions;
- detect DNA modifications followed by interactions with proteins and describe which type of modifications occurred, based on a multiplexed approach,
- analyze complex mechanisms involved in genome stability.

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Dr. Paolo Bettotti
Nanoscience Laboratory, Univ. of Trento
Tel: +39-461-28-1501
36 months
938.257 €
2d able aim analysis analytical analyze biomolecule detect develop dna external interactions investigate involved materials mechanisms modifications molecules nematic perform plasmids platform proteins reactivity separation shape technique theoretical translocation type
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