Educations and Qualifications

  • PhD student in Physics (XXIV cicle) Doctoral School in Physics, University of Trento, Italy.
  • Master of Science in Organic Chemistry, First class with Distinction (71.80%), University of Pune, Maharashtra, India (May 2006).
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, First class with Distinction (71.26%), Shivaji University, Maharashtra, India (April 2004).

Professional Experiences

  • July 2006 - December 2008: Jubilant Chemsys Limited, Noida (India) based on CRO custom synthesis working on different types of project as a "Senior Research Associate -1".
  • February 2006 - April 2006: M.Sc. Project work carried out at Lupin Research Park, Pune (India) under the guidance of Dr. Neelima Sinha (Scientist) on "Synthesis of an intermediate for quinoline based antibacterial drug"


  • Excellent skills in handling moisture sensitive, air sensitive, light sensitive reagents like n-Butyl lithium, s- Butyl lithium, t-Butyl lithium, DIBALH, NaHMDS, Sodium methoxide, Sodium ethoxide, sodium hydride, di-kiss, tetra-kiss, palladium acetate, palladium on carbon, dppf, methyl iodide, lithium di-isopropyl amine, DIAD, BBr3, phosphorus oxybromide, PBr3, etc.
  • Experience of working on various organic reactions and organic transformations reactions like Arndt Eistert reaction, Witting reaction, Swern Oxidation, Suzuki coupling, stille coupling, Buckwald coupling, Sonagashira reaction, Diazotisation reaction, Mitsunobu reaction, Grignard reaction, Friedle craft reaction like alkylation and acylation, Apple reaction, Allylic bromination and chlorination from NBS and NCS, Reductive amination, Acid-Amine coupling with DCC, PyBROP, Esterification reaction, Protection by using BOC-anhydride, Benzyl bromide, Benzoyl chloride, SEM Chloride, Acetic anhydride, Acetyl chloride, CBZ-chloride, Tri-methyl silyl chloride, and Deprotection in acidic and basic medium, oxidation by using PCC, Dess-martin periodinane, Manganese dioxide, KMnO4, and reduction by using, Lithium aluminum hydride, sodium borohydride, lithium borohydride, BF3-Etherate, BF3 in DMS, tin chloride.
  • Expertise in modern spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques likes combiflash technology, handling of microwave instrument, and preparation of thin layer chromatography, flash column chromatography.
  • Expert in interpretation of spectral data viz. 1HNMR, 13CMR, MASS, LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC etc.