Non-Symmetrized Hyperspherical Harmonics Method Applied to Light Hypernuclei

We adapt the non-symmetrized hyperspherical harmonics method (NSHH) in order to treat light hypernuclei.
The NSHH is a few body ab initio method which has been applied in the atomic and nuclear context dealing exclusively with identical particle systems.
Our recent efforts have been focused on the generalization and optimization of the formalism in presence of
at least two different species of particles. The aim is to develop an ab initio approach that allows to judge
the quality of more recent nucleon-hyperon (and hyperon-hyperon) interactions, by studying light hypernuclear systems, also with A>4.
The NSHH method, combined with the EIHH method, appears as a promising tool, because it allows good convergence even with hard-core potentials like the Argonne ones and being applicable to a variety of interactions.
Some basic preliminary benchmarks are provided.