Nuclear calculations using lattice data and Montecarlo methods

One of the biggest questions of the nuclear physics is the origin of the
nucleon-nucleon potential and how it is possible to relate it with the
underling theory, that is the QCD.
Up to now the only method we have to recover meaningful results, for non
perturbative QCD, are computations made on a lattice. Since it is very
complicated to make these kind of calculations with light quarks, actual
calculations are made with few nucleons and large unphysical pionic masses.
However basing on those calculations it is possible to define an effective
theory in order to inspect the low energy regime of that theory.
In this talk we will discuss about how it is possible to use the new LQCD
data in order to define an effective pionless theory, introducing the
problems that this rises and sketching the possibilities to extrapolate
informations about the physic with high and physical pionic masses, using
MonteCarlo methods.